For you. With you. By you.

Engaging consultants can often feel like you're welcoming in a parasite. 

With this 3-stage approach, I can help organisations improve services whilst building the in-house capabilities. Iterations to improve services can then continue without external dependencies.

For you: Discover

  • Initial engagement led by the project sponsor, supported by autonomous external Design Researchers
  • Learn about your organisation’s goals and customers’ needs
  • Demonstrate agile ways of working
  • Collect insights and ideas, and make recommendations

With you: Design

  • Form a unified team, with short-term team supplementation with white-labelled consultants as required
  • Prioritise the work around users’ needs
  • Conduct experiments and continue learning
  • Embed sustainable agile and lean user-centred practices
  • Capability planning, training and recruiting
  • Developing a product roadmap

By you: Deliver

  • Always on-call, your self-organising teams can access support as required
  • Lean product iterations: Build, Measure, Learn
  • Delivery support, coaching and filling skills gaps as they arise
  • Aiding the exploration of new innovation opportunities